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Working With People

Three things right upfront: Most of my topics come from experiences. When I note a pattern, I tend to write about it. I try to limit the topics to business subjects and avoid personal stuff. We are all people and we work with people. And people have personal challenges that can’t help but affect their […]

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Private Capital Markets

I recently attended a weekend event for business owners at Semiahmoo. I was one of the sponsors of the event and made a presentation on Private Capital Markets. Much of the academic support for the presentation came from ‘Private Capital Markets’ by Robert Slee. This book is the foremost piece of scholarship on the topic. […]

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New Entity Choices: LLLPs and SPCs

Most of us are familiar with the various choices for the type of business entity. Traditionally there have been proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships and corporations. About 25 years ago limited liability companies (LLCs) were added and they have been a very popular choice. In 2012, the Washington State legislature provided us with two new […]

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