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Private Capital Markets

I recently attended a weekend event for business owners at Semiahmoo. I was one of the sponsors of the event and made a presentation on Private Capital Markets. Much of the academic support for the presentation came from ‘Private Capital Markets’ by Robert Slee. This book is the foremost piece of scholarship on the topic. […]

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In Praise of Profit

The most popular business books seem to be on the “soft” topics. Things like managing people, setting your BHAG/mission/vision/values, creating happy employees; stuff like that. I’m an avid reader of this kind of stuff. But, at a certain point, don’t all of us as business people have get on with it and make money? Charlie […]

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Debt Gets a Bad Rap

During the last economic downturn, debt got a bad name. And no wonder; too much debt and the subsequent decrease in asset values caused many people and businesses to get hurt or worse. But since that trauma, we’ve overreacted. Now, more than ever, (prudent) financial leverage makes sense. Rates have never been so low. For […]

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