Ideal Client Profile

Demographics: I Am Seeking:
Position CEOs or owners of
Ownership Closely held businesses that
Growth Phase Are growing or in financial distress
Company Size Small to Medium-sized
Annual Revenue $500K to $50M
Number of Employees A few to 200 employees
Industries Professional services, real estate, construction, healthcare, software
Geography Located from Seattle north as far as the border or east as far as the Cascades.
Psychographics: I Want to Work with Clients Who:


Are successful but are unsatisfied with their current performance,

who have a level of frustration with their financials and are uncertain

as to what to do to solve their frustrations.

Attitude Continuous learners who are open to new ideas.
Contained Egos Are willing to face their challenges and search for the truth.

They can accept being wrong and failing.

Value Are more concerned with the value received than the pricing.
Quality Have high standards and take pride in their business.
Commitment Honor their commitments to themselves, to me and to others.
Loyalty Want to have a long term relationship with their trusted advisors.
Ethics Have high ethical standards and are honorable.
Communication Communicate, keep me informed and can accept feedback.
Payment Always pay their invoice on time without me asking.
Things to Listen for: I can help Clients who have these challenges:
Financial Information “I can’t get timely financials from my bookkeeper/accountant and when I do,

I’m not sure I believe what I’m seeing.”

Accounting Staff “I’m not sure my existing accounting staff is competent. How do I tell?”
Cash Flow “We’re living off our Line of Credit and can’t ever get it paid down.”
Profit “We seem to make money on every project but at the end of the year

it’s a lot less than I would expect.”