We offer Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services to small to medium-sized businesses. These are businesses that need the expertise of a CFO part-time but do not need a full-time, 40-hour per week CFO. CFO services include:


Selecting accounting software

Help setting up your accounting system

Help selecting accounting personnel

Structuring your accounting to provide more meaningful information

Determining the best KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track

Profitability and Cash Flow

Profit improvement

Cash flow improvement

Cash flow forecasting


Help with bank relations and borrowing

Capital raising advice and strategies


Strategic planning

Tactical planning


Business planning

Exit plans

Positioning your business for sale

Emergency Succession plans


Aid in selecting and retaining staff


Our Approach

We usually start by making sure a business has good accounting information on which to base decisions. Then, with this information, I help the business improve profitability and cash flow. With good information, profitability and cash flow in place, we can start to work on longer term goals. These mostly revolve around making the business more valuable, more attractive to potential acquirers and more of a joy to own.